Fierce Forever FAQ

How can I perform?

Check out this page on how to sign up to perform for Fierce Forever 11.

How can I be involved without performing?

We realize that not everyone wishes to perform, and so have plenty of other opportunities to help out with Fierce Forever 11. For more information, email us!

What makes this year any different from past shows?

Great question! This question has many answers:

First, this year our exec team consists of both undergrads, grads, and alums. We think this is important in order to create and sustain a true sense of community at MIT. Plus, both students and alums have a lot of unique abilities and perspectives to bring to the table.

Second, we have learned all we can from past shows and have been working tirelessly for almost a year to make this better than ever!

Third, we will be making this year's show very student-focused, in that the majority of performers will be students instead of professional drag performers.

Fourth, we are inviting students from across the greater Boston area to perform! To learn more, click here.

Fifth, this year we are focusing more on awareness and activism. We will have speakers throughout the show talk about drag culture, queer and trans* rights and cultures, and how drag fits within an inclusive community of queer and/or trans* individuals. A representative from AIDS Action Committee will also present on what they are doing and how audience members' donations can help support their programs.

Finally, this year Fierce is free! You can just show up and enjoy the show.

Why a drag show?

Drag is a performance art that is entertaining for both those performing and those watching. Many have also felt a sense of pride and empowerment after performing in drag.

All of those coordinating and sponsoring Fierce Forever have a commitment to empowering students to have a better sense of who they are, to boost their confidence, and to have a great time while doing something important for the greater community.

If it does or doesn't like your cup of tea, you're encouraged to check out past Fierce shows to see some pictures and reviews of past Fierce Forever shows. Also, check this out to see more examples from professionals, as well as a list of other reasons why drag can be beneficial for everyone.

Why is it called "Fierce Forever"?

Unfortunately, we don't have records from the first Fierce Forever show, and so cannot tell you exactly why they decided on the name "Fierce Forever". However, we like it, and hope you do. Here are some reasons as to why:

First, this show really does strive to show everyone that they can be FIERCE. This is just one of the many benefits of performing.

Second, this show will make a lasting impact on you (thus the "forever" part). We promise that whether you're performing or watching the show, you will remember this show for scores to come!

Third, because we're able to have this show, and because we will have such a large audience, we know that there will be a lasting impact on the LGBTQ community, in that our community will be given a fiercer status because of this show!